Gross evaluation of United States GDP in the second quarter: the Fed’s incompetence

Financial blog 1xbet said, gross said yes, but did not notice that the Fed is not only gross incompetence to solve, is in trouble.
Stories mentioned on Wall Street after Goldman Sachs estimates, if the Fed is raising interest rates 1%, will give 1 to 24 trillion dollars in damages caused by bondholders. And this is only the bond market, stock market losses will be greater, the Fed may be reluctant to take such a risk.
Extension Goldman, Bloomberg News reported interpretation of the content of the report, as the Federal Reserve and other central banks keep rates for a long time, for the sake of higher investment returns, fund managers started to accept long-term bonds, longer-term bonds are more popular, lower the interest rates on its bonds. Problem is that if interest rates rise, bond prices fall, holding long-term bonds hit harder than short-term bonds. On the occasion of the Fed raising interest rates to damp expectations, already low bond rates down further, greater market risk, which may affect the process of raising interest rates by the Fed.
This month’s interest rate meeting, the Fed kept its interest rates unchanged again, but the United States assessment of the economy more good, and said the recent risks weakening economic prospects. Analysts say the Fed is raising interest rates in the second half to open the door, or as early as September.
On trend of the market, contrary to dollars after a short-term spike down, fell short of gold rebounded quickly after that day up more than $ 20 an ounce, after short rising Treasury yields lower.
Today United States GDP in the second quarter after the financial data posted on the blog 1xbet, short gold futures rose about $ 5 USD/JPY fell nearly 30 points in p 500 futures, yields on 10-year Treasuries fell.